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Château du Martinet

A real château in the heart of Provence, Château du Martinet was built in 1712, burned down during the Revolution and rebuilt in 1846 partly with stone from the Carpentras ramparts. Château du Martinet was listed as a historic monument in 1945.

Set in a magnificent 35-hectare green backdrop, the château had only been owned by two families before Françoise and Ronald DEVRIES arrived here. Hence why the château and park have kept a totally authentic feel and give you that rare sensation, where time seems to have stood still…

The elegant decor here is the fruit of a harmonious alchemy, of rare family antiques and precious objects brought back from different travels.

SMALL LIVING ROOM, THE LIBRARY: An invitation to read in peace and quiet while taking in the Provence good life.   

THE DINING ROOM: listed as a historic building, it flaunts its high ceiling sculpted in baldaquin and hand-painted on leather in the Cordoba style.

THE LIVING ROOM supported by four majestic pink marble columns with Italian influences, it will seduce you with its elegant style. Nice and light, it opens out onto a spacious terrace overlooking the meadow.

Come and discover a place where you’ll feel really at home among a rich diversity of things, warmth from the fireplace and ‘crystal drops’.

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Nous vous informons que nous avons arrêté toutes nos activités commerciales.
Merci beaucoup de votre intérêt pour notre château magique.
Françoise & Ronald de Vries

This is to inform you that we stopped all our commercial activities.
Thank you very much for your interest in our magical castle.
Françoise & Ronald de Vries